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30 " Self-Cleaning Electric Range in Stainless Steel


30 " Self-Cleaning Electric Range in Stainless Steel



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Colour: Stainless Steel




Control temperatures precisely: Switch nimbly from simmering to searing on the triple-ring element and enjoy an enhanced taste and texture with the Even-Heat™ True Convection system. The beveled-glass cooktop will blend seamlessly with your countertop.Add the right touch: Cook effortlessly with touch-activated front oven controls and tap-touch element controlsCreate a feast: Confidently bake more than one dish at a time with splendid results thanks to the Even-Heat™ True Convection system that evenly circulates and distributes the heatLook professional: Feel like a chef when you use this range that captures the styling of appliances the professionals useLess cleaning: Spend your time creating and cooking thanks to the beautiful ceramic glass finish that simply wipes cleanKeep dinner warm: Serve up piping hot buns from the warming drawer

Key Features

    • Great Features as Follows -
    • Capacity: Capacity: 4.1 cu. ft.
    • Convection: True convection oven with T.H.E.™ Convection Oven Element and Even-Heat™ True Convention System
    • Electronic temperature probe
    • CleanBake™ hidden element
    • Convect Bake
    • Convect Roast
    • Convect Broil: Closed-Door with Full and Centre Settings
    • Thermal Broil with Closed-Door with Full and Centre Settings
    • Temperature Probe
    • Bread Proofing
    • Dehydration
    • Holiday/Sabbath Mode
    • Thermal Oven
    • Performance: Self-cleaning oven with soil level / time selection settings
    • One 10'' (25.4 cm) / 6'' (15.2 cm) Dual-circuit oval radiant element
    • One 6'' (15.2 cm) Radiant element
    • Double-Ring Round: One 8'' (20.32 cm) / 5'' (12.57 cm) radiant element
    • Triple-Ring Round: One 8'' (20.32cm) / 7'' (17.8 cm) / 5'' (12.7 cm) radiant element
    • Elements: 4
    • Custom Control Temperature Management System
    • Infinite-heat settings
    • Melt & Hold, Keep Warm, and 3 Simmer Levels
    • Baking element: 2,000 Watts
    • Broil (Full/Centre) element: 3,240/1,790 Watts
    • Convection element: 1,600 Watts
    • Versatility: Extra-large oven window
    • Electronic touch-activated front oven controls with scrolling graphic display
    • Warming drawer
    • Tap-touch controls on ceramic-glass surface
    • Glass-Touch Display with Control Lockout
    • Racks: 3
    • Oven Lights: 2
    • Premium Cooktop Surface with Subtle Watermark

    • Volts/Amps Required: 240/40

Good to Know

Failing to follow the manufacture’s installation instructions for your new appliance may void the warranty on the product.

Care instructions

Ceramic surfaces on electric ranges and electric counter units do need special care when soiled. For cooked on spills, use a razor blade at a 30 degree angle to scrape off solids and then follow up with a special cleaner formulated specifically for ceramic cooktops.

Product Dimensions

Width: 30.69 in
Depth: 27.25 in
Height: 35.62 in

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