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Samsung Front-Load Washer with AddWash and Electric Front-Load Dryer - WF45K6200AZ/A2 & DV45K6200EZ/AC

Posted on January 23, 2017 by Anonymous

Starting a load of laundry only to realize you’ve forgotten your favourite shirt at the bottom of the hamper can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. But the days of having to run multiple wash cycles for forgotten items or even last minute additions are over thanks to Samsung’s revolutionary AddWash™ feature.

Arguably the most appealing feature to the washer, the AddWash™ feature lets you easily throw in that pair of forgotten socks or even that shirt your child just spilled juice on after the cycle has already started. The feature incorporates what Samsung calls an AddDoor placed atop the main door, which opens to a full one hundred degrees for easy access.Samsung Add Door in open position.

All you have to do is press the start/pause button to pause the cycle, open the AddDoor, and add your extra clothing. Once you close the door you have to press the start/pause button once more and the cycle continues as if it had never stopped.  And if you are worried about leaks or suds spilling out onto your floor, rest easy as the door is completely leak proof.

This ENERGY STAR® certified washer offers up 5.2 cubic feet of capacity which is perfect for large families who are often stuck doing multiple loads of laundry. Complete with twelve wash cycles and four different temperature settings this washer is sure to quickly become the workhorse you need it to be. Some of these include Towels, Perm Press, Stain Away, and Whites.

It’s also impressively quiet thanks to the implemented VRT Plus™ technology. Essentially, this technology keeps the drum perfectly balanced even during high-speed cycles to reduce noise and vibrations. This will be a godsend to any families with small children. Now you will be able to do your laundry while your little one sleeps.

For added convenience, the washer can even be controlled from your smartphone. Samsung’s Smart Control technology lets you connect with the Samsung Smart Washer app to monitor or even start or stop the washing cycle from wherever you are.

 Samsung Front-Load Washer with AddWash and Electric Front-Load Dryer (Front View)

Samsung continues to make convenience a high priority with the design of this washer with SmartClean+ technology. Because of the consistent moisture held within the washer drum, it is important to clean the washer drum to stop the spread of bacteria. This technology lets you do this without thinking. Almost acting as a self-clean feature you may see in an oven, this feature requires being used every 40 cycles. Using hot water and fast drum rotations the feature removes 99.9% of dirt and detergent build-up from the drum and 93% from the gasket.

The counterpart to the washer, Samsung’s electric front load dryer comes in the same sapphire blue finish and features equally impressive features.

With a capacity of 7.5 cubic feet, the dryer will be able to dry the load that just came out of the washer and more with ease.

The dryer features the MultiSteam™ function which offers three cycles, plus and Anti-Static option. The MultiSteam™ function uses the power of steam to provide a refresh cycle which helps to reduce odours; a Wrinkles Away cycle which relaxes the wrinkles in your clothes so they are less visible; and a Sanitize Cycle which helps to keep your clothes and linens free from unwanted bacteria.

It also implements the use of a vent sensor that continually monitors your air duct to ensure its operating safely and efficiently. It also automatically notifies you when it’s time for a clean or quickly prompts you to check for possible obstructions.

This laundry team is one to be reckoned with and is a must have for large or growing families always on the go.

To learn more about the Samsung front load washer with AddWash and electric front load dryer laundry pair or other high-performance appliances, we invite you to check us out online or visit one of our local Goemans showrooms, today.

Model Numbers:

Washer: WF45K6200AZ/A2

Dryer: DV45K6200EZ/AC