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Before Installation

Product specifications are for planning purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Goemans assumes no liability for specifications obtained from us. Refer to installation instructions from product on-site before cutting cabinets, counters, or panels.

  • Refer to installation instructions from product on-site before cutting cabinets, counters, or panels.


Site inspections are highly recommended. Let us take the guess work out of your new investment and make it a seamless experience. Our site inspections are performed by qualified, licensed & insured installers. They will ensure the product will be installed correctly the first time. This will avoid unforeseen circumstances possibly resulting in delays to your installation, project completion setbacks & fees associated with the site not being ready. Please keep in mind that installations are usually scheduled one day after delivery. We will contact you with an approximate time frame the evening prior or morning of installation. Product to be installed must be left uncrated and placed in front of its final location at time of delivery.


A trip/late/cancellation charge will apply if installation was confirmed and;

1) You did not contact us (if you needed to cancel or reschedule) within a minimum of 24 hours before your scheduled installation date.

2) No one was home to sign for installation.

3) There was no access for installation.


Product, if to be installed, must be placed in front of its final location. Installers will not be able to move the appliance(s) at a later date. If our drivers are required to move the appliance(s), at a later date, we will gladly assist, at a nominal fee.


Installation Services

Our qualified professional technicians install it right the first time to ensure maximum performance of your appliance. Your appliance will meet all regulations and be installed according to local codes and manufacturer specifications by our fully qualified, knowledgeable and insured technicians. Service complaints on new appliances are often the result of poor installation. We regard the performance of your new appliance as a critical component of your satisfaction, that’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with professional installation services. Put our knowledge and experience to work for you.


Customer guidelines & site requirement prior to installation:


Electric Cooking Appliances:

  • Electrical Supply must be properly located as per product specifications.
  • Ensure Cabinets and Counter Tops are cut out according to product specifications.
  • If applicable, we recommend installing all ventilation before the cooking appliance.

Gas Cooking Appliances:

  • Existing gas lines must be to code & installed in proper location (non-combustible backsplash installed).
  • Gas lines must be sized according to appliance specifications.
  • Electrical outlets must be in proper location. Exterior ventilation is mandatory.


  • All vents must be located & sized according to product specs.
  • Exterior caps are mandatory.
  • Re-enforcements for island/wall hoods must be roughed in and planned for.


  • Water lines must be roughed in with a shut off valve & properly located.
  • Electrical outlets must be properly located.
  • Ensure Cabinet openings and panels are sized according to product specifications.


  • Hot water lines and drains must be roughed in with a shut off valve & properly located.
  • Electrical lines & outlets must be properly located & on dedicated circuit.
  • Ensure breakers are installed on electrical supply line.


  • Water lines & drains must be roughed in and ready with appropriate shut off valves.
  • Appropriate venting must be ready and properly located with exterior cap. Hoses are included.
  • Gas dryers have specific gas locations & venting requirements.


  • Utilities must be roughed in according to specifications.
  • Cabinets, gables & any support structures must be ready.
  • Custom panels must be cut to specifications & handle holes pre-drilled.
  • Handles should already be installed for built in refrigerator units. Backers and spaces must also already be in place for applicable units.


Note: all major appliances require a dedicated electrical supply on its own breaker. In the case of joined appliances, like integrated fridges and freezers, each unit should have a separate supply line and breaker.


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