Inventory Alert

Inventory Alert

To our valued customers and partners,

For over 40 years, the Goemans family have been proud to assist with your appliance needs. Everyday our store teams provide advice to help make your appliance decisions easier and everyday our delivery and installation teams visit homes across Ontario. While your appliances may travel from manufacturing facilities around the world, we take special care to ensure they get from our warehouse to your home as efficiently and safely as possible. Over the years we’ve optimized our systems to deliver on that objective, however the pandemic has created a number of challenges that the industry continues to grapple with.

Ever since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, there has been a severe strain in product being supplied throughout various industries from air conditioners to pools and it has greatly affected the appliance sector. While we initially expected the appliance industry to be slowly easing out of the inventory shortages by now, we are still receiving sudden and irregular product availability updates and changes from our suppliers. These dates are generally updated by our suppliers closer to when we are expecting it, and in some cases these last minute date changes are dramatic. The issue stems from general parts availability that is sometimes shared between various brands (like semi-conductor shortages), however other issues pertaining to container availability, stoppage of manufacturing lines and even the war in Ukraine has caused product to become delayed. Sometimes this is limited to a certain category for one brand, however sometimes this is far reaching and affects multiple product categories from multiple suppliers.

While we are working with our suppliers on a daily basis to obtain better and consistent accuracy, please understand that our entire team is working as hard as possible to find alternative solutions to these delays.

On behalf of our entire team and our brand partners, I apologize for the added stress and frustration that this has caused. For any further questions or concerns, please continue to reach out to our stores as well as our client services team. We are there to help in any way that we can.

Thanks and stay safe.

Lee Salter
Director of Product- Goemans Appliances


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