Extended Warranty: Service Protection Plan

Manufacturer’s Service Protection Plan

A manufacturer warranty also known as a manufacturer’s service protection plan cover repairs needed due to manufacturing defects, not accidents or neglect, within a specified amount of time (usually one year). Within the first year after purchase, all issues related to the appliance must be handled through the product manufacturer. At times, helpful retailers may liaise on behalf of the customers, however any decisions related to the replacement or servicing of appliances under the manufacturer’s service protection plan is ultimately up to the manufacturer. Each manufacturer has different policies and coverage depending on the nature of the warranty they provide. Please register your product after delivery and speak to a customer service representative from your product manufacturer to get details on your warranty for your specific product. After the year mark, your product will no longer be covered; unless you get an extended warranty plan. 


Everyone likes a little extra security

When you buy a new appliance you want to spend all your time enjoying it, not worrying about it. While manufacturers provide warranties, often for a limited time or for a specific component, we believe peace of mind comes from having an additional safety net that’s there when you need it.

For just pennies a day, the Goemans Service Protection Plan (GSPP) provides coverage beyond the original manufacturers LIMITED warranty.

No one expects a brand new purchase to break down, but if it does, the last thing you would want is to pay significant repair costs. Keep in mind, once the manufacturer limited warranty expires, you will be responsible for all parts and labour costs should one of your products break down. Our GSPP is here to save you from the worry and hassle.

If your product requires the same part be repaired four times, the service protection plan will replace the product.

Our 4 Year Service Protection Plan Coverage includes*:

  • Preventative Maintenance Inspection
  • Food Spoilage Protection
  • No Hidden Costs of Deductibles
  • No Lemon Policy
  • Underwritten by an Insurance Company
  • Product Failure due to Rust
  • Protection against Power Surges
  • Parts and Labour Coverage
  • Repairs to Manufacturer’s Specification
  • Transferable from Owner to Owner
  • Renewable Service Plan

*See Terms and Conditions for details.


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