Community Giving

In The Community

We believe in the power of strong relationships and extending the feeling of family beyond our stores. After all, isn’t helping each other out what it’s all about? We love to engage with events and local programs and we regularly take part in fundraising and relief initiatives in and outside of Ontario.

Goemans Annual Memorial Event (G.A.M.E.)

2023 marks the 10th annual G.A.M.E charity event. What started out as a modest event to raise money and awareness for the C.Y.O, in honour of Hunter and Tony Goemans, has now turned into a yearly, full-blown and well-supported charity event. Over 10 years, the G.A.M.E has been able to raise well over $750,000 for C.Y.O. camps Marydale and Brébeuf. For those that don’t know, camps Marydale and Brébeuf offer underprivileged and special needs children the opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreation regardless of their physical abilities, in a safe environment where they can build strong friendships, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Proceeds from the event will help camp Brébeuf continue to complete renovations to ensure their facility will be able to meet today’s standard. When all is said and done the facility will be barrier-free and capacity will also be increased by roughly 10 percent which equals room for nearly 300 additional kids each year.

G.A.M.E has been able to raise well over $750,000 for C.Y.O. camps Marydale and Brébeuf