The beginning of ASKO was an act of love – no more, no less. In the 1950s, a young farmer in Jung, south of Lidköping in Sweden, saw his mother’s predicament: washing by hand is wet, cold, hard and heavy. He wished to ease her burden, and so he invented his own washing machine. It had superior cleaning performance, with built-in water heating, spinning and a durable stainless steel structure. When others saw his machine, they wanted one too. Pretty soon, production began. More than 70 years later, ASKO is a global brand that designs and develops premium kitchen and laundry appliances for homes and businesses. We manufacture our products to the highest possible standards and develop our domestic appliances based on professional principles.


Today, ASKO helps people around the world to cook, clean and care for their families while looking after the
environment. With a uniquely Scandinavian approach, ASKO combines award-winning design with innovative
features and smart solutions. We create products and services that are destined to become a much-loved part of
people’s homes and lives.




With our range of ASKO dishwashers we give you value for money in every detail. With sturdy flexible racks and among the lowest water and energy consumption on the market, they will meet all your demands when choosing a new dishwasher. Our XXL and XL models, have the world’s largest loading heights, and a unique flexible four rack system with place for up to the dinner settings you need for 17 persons - which is equal to nearly 200 items!





Despite our over 70 years in the industry, we do not rest on our laurels, we always strive to understand how we can make our products even better. This time around we have done our best to learn from real people, finding out what they think are the biggest problems in the laundry room.

We combined these insights with our years of experience in both residential and commercial laundry to create a generation of attractive, user-friendly, innovative and long lasting washing machines and tumble dryers.