A laundry room for all

We know you don’t enjoy doing laundry on the weekends and neither do we, but we are certain at Goemans you can find a washer and dryer that might make it a bit easier.

With all of our major brands showcasing the latest washing technology we guarantee your clothes will be cleaner quicker.

Whether you’re in the market for a top load, or front load washer, or are environmentally conscious or maybe you’re the tech geek who wants to run a load of laundry from your phone, Goemans is the place to find it.


With the latest in drying technology, you’ll be able to find the dryer that’s right for you. Whether you prefer using the power of steam or are looking for an energy efficient dryer, we’re dedicated to helping you find what works.  

Completing your laundry room with a matching pair. When it comes to laundry we know durability is important, this is why Goemans is proud to offer a broad selection of durable dryers that add the finishing touch to your laundry routine.




Lets do the laundry