Delivery and Pick-up

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Delivery and Installation Dates


After ordering appliances, please keep us informed. Regardless of the original order date, please give us a minimum of two weeks’ notice prior to your delivery date. We deliver and install across Ontario, including cottage country. Out of area and cottage country deliveries are scheduled on designated delivery days and additional fees may apply. Please plan accordingly. We will contact you with an approximate 3hr delivery window the afternoon before. Due to traffic and/or weather conditions, routing, length of delivery time, and unforeseen problems, we are unable to guarantee a specific time. To keep you informed on the day of delivery, you will receive a text message or phone call 30, 20 and 10 minutes before our arrival. Installations are usually scheduled one day after delivery and the same notifications will apply.

Product to be installed must be left uncrated and placed in front of its final location at time of delivery.


A re-delivery/late/cancellation charge will apply if delivery was confirmed and;

1) You did not contact us (if you needed to cancel or reschedule) within a minimum of 24 hours before your scheduled delivery date.
2) No one was home to sign for delivery.
3) There was no access for delivery.


Designated Location

Delivery access is the responsibility of the buyer. It is your home; please ensure the route to the location is clear of obstructions, and protect flooring where necessary. If required, we will remove standard doors to locate appliances. Our drivers cannot do any cutting or alterations to your home; remove door jambs, interior-swinging doors, outside sliding doors, railings, etc. Please plan accordingly to ensure your delivery goes as smoothly as possible. Delivery should only be scheduled with our Order Coordination department if the site is ready. Product, if to be installed, must be placed in front of its final location. Installers will not be able to move the appliance(s) at a later date. If our drivers are required to move the appliance(s), at a later date, we will gladly assist, at a nominal fee.

What you need to know about your delivery:

  • All carpeting should be covered and protected before our delivery crew arrives.
  • There must be a person 18 years of age or older authorized to sign for and receive the appliances.
  • There will be an automatic re-delivery/late cancellation charge if for whatever reason you are not available for your scheduled delivery (i.e. if no one was home to sign for delivery or if there was no access for the delivery) and have not provided us with a notice of cancellation within a minimum of 24 hours before your scheduled delivery date. 
  • All products must be inspected and signed for during the delivery. Any deficiencies must be noted on the driver’s delivery
    report at the time of delivery and also reported to customer service. Please contact customer service at 1-877-GOEMANS (463-6267)
  • A clear path/route leading to the location of the new appliance(s) is the responsibility of the customer. (E.g. removing railings, furniture, snow, and ice prior to delivery.
  • By law, we are not permitted to connect any appliance(s) without a receptacle box.
  • Out of area and cottage country deliveries are generally scheduled on designated days. Please plan accordingly.
  • We will uncrate your appliance(s) and remove all uncrated packaging materials for recycling.


Removal of Old Units:

For a nominal fee, we will remove or move your old, disconnected appliance(s) on a 1 for 1 basis. Charges for the removal, relocation, or recycling of your old appliance(s) will depend upon the time required and the problems encountered.

* Additional charges may apply. See store for details.
**Some restrictions may apply for certain areas. See store for details.

For more information on having your appliances expertly installed, please contact our installations department.

Any old appliance(s) must be disconnected before we arrive.
We do not dismantle old appliances or make house alterations when attempting to move them.
You must disconnect the water line on your old fridge and/or washing machine prior to removal.
Old freezers must be defrosted prior to removal. Due to safety concerns, removal of old refrigerators and freezers are at the discretion of the delivery personnel.


Refrigerators & Freezers (Freestanding)

Our delivery professionals will set in place and plug the unit into an existing outlet. Door swing reversal must be ordered at the time of purchase and noted on your sales receipt. Please note that the handle(s) that come with the appliances purchased will be attached. We do not unpack or set up the interior of the fridge (e.g. shelving, drawers).


Refrigerator door removals (if required to bring the unit into the home) are completed by our delivery professionals. Please ensure that measurements are accurate and confirmed with our sales staff at the time of purchase to make sure the unit will fit, and to avoid any delivery issues. Our crew will disconnect old unit from existing water line, reconnect water line and plug unit into electrical. Water shutoffs must be in good condition and accessible for the drivers to complete the work.


Ranges (Electric)

We will set in place and plug the standard 4ft. cord into an existing 240V outlet. By law, we are not permitted to connect any range without a receptacle box.


Slide-In Ranges (Electric)

For traditional, slide-in ranges, we will uncrate and set in place the unit in the allotted space. The floor must be level and a set-in-place must be possible with no damage to counters for our delivery professionals to complete.



For a nominal fee our professional delivery team will disconnect and remove the old units. All straps and shipping bolts will be removed & new units set in place. Water lines will be hooked up to existing water inlet & drain hoses. Water shut offs must be in good condition and accessible to drivers in order for the work to be completed. Standard s/s hoses, clamps & metal venting of up to 8ft will be supplied. Dryer venting will be connected with a standard 4ft. cord into an existing 240V outlet. Due to building code requirements, no plastic venting can be used. By law, we are not permitted to connect any dryer without a receptacle box.


Note: Second level installation will only be completed if a floor drain is present in the location of installation or if a waiver is signed by the customer.


Gas Appliances

Our delivery personnel will place the unit into the designated location. A licensed gas fitter is required to install all gas-fueled appliances. Please contact the installation department at Goemans to arrange a date and time for a gas installation.



Our delivery professionals will uncrate and place the unit in front of the designated location. A trained, certified, and insured installer is available to install your dishwasher. Please contact our installation department at Goemans to arrange a date and time for your dishwasher to be installed.



Delivery for built-in appliances (dishwashers, wall ovens, cooktops, ventilation, microwaves with a trim kit, over-the-range microwaves, under-counter appliances, and built-in refrigerators) includes uncrate and place only. The installation of built-in appliances is the responsibility of the customer, and can also be completed by our installation experts. Please discuss pricing and scheduling details with our installation department. An on-site pre-inspection is required prior to delivery and installation of these items.


Packaging Materials

We will uncrate the appliance(s) and remove all uncrated packaging materials for recycling.


Unfortunately, we cannot remove old barbecues or propane tanks.