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Bring the joy of cooking to life, your way.

There are few experiences in life that have the ability to really unite the people around you. If you think about it, at all of life’s major events (birthdays, weddings etc.) for one reason or another, food always tends to be at the centre of those experiences. The aromas, the flavours, sharing your favourites and trying new things, it’s all part of the experience and it's one we can’t get enough of.

At Goemans Appliances, we aim to help you make the most of those experiences by offering Ontario’s largest appliance selection. From cooktops to ranges, to wall ovens and beyond we offer a broad range of cooking appliances that are sure to help you get the job done. Whether you prefer the precision of gas, the efficiency of induction, or the technology of Wi-Fi compatible appliances, we hope to inspire you in the kitchen to create long-lasting memories.

We hope to inspire you in the kitchen to create long-lasting memories.

If you’re just starting on your appliance journey and aren’t sure what convection cooking is, or maybe you’re just looking for a recipe for tonight’s dinner, we invite you to check out our blog. From the latest trends in cooking to recipes and tips, here are a few blog posts we think you should check out.  


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