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  • Convection

    A convection oven has a powerful fan and exhaust system that circulates hot air inside the oven to help maintain a consistent temperature, making it ideal for multi-rack cooking.

  • Downdraft Ventilation
    Downdraft Ventilation

    A downdraft range or cooktop integrates the ventilation system directly into the cooking surface, eliminating the need for an overhead vent. These systems help capture smoke, steam, grease particles and odors at the cooking surface, pulling them down and out of the kitchen before they can escape into the air.

  • Sabbath Mode
    Sabbath Mode

    Sabbath mode is a feature on many modern appliances that allows the appliance to be used for certain religious observances during specific holidays. The main function of Sabbath mode is to not let the operator use features such as a digital temperature readout, or ice maker on a refrigerator when enabled.

  • Self-Clean

    A self-cleaning oven gets the cavity squeaky clean without the use of a chemical cleaner—and without much elbow grease. It achieves this feat by heating to temperatures north of 800° F to burn off all those spills and spots, leaving you with a thin layer of white ash that's easily wiped off with a sponge.



LG Electronics LSGL6335F

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LG Electronics LRGL5823S

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LG Electronics LRGL5825F

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LG Electronics LSGS6338F

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