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    Blower Type

    Inline/Remote: An inline blower is a type of remote blower, meaning it is separate from the range hood.

    Local/Internal: A local blower is a blower directly inside your range hood; it is also called an internal blower. This blower is closer to your filters and your cooking space, thus it will suck more unwanted contaminants from your kitchen air.

    External Blower: An external blower is a blower that is not inside the home. These blowers are most commonly on the roof of your home. They are often more expensive to install than local or inline blowers, but you won’t hear the range hood at all when it is running.

  • CFM

    CFM, which is the measurement unit for exhausting air flow, stands for cubic feet per minute. The higher the CFM number, the greater the amount of air that is exhausted when using the range hood.

  • Depth
  • Duct Size
    Duct Size

    This measurement indicates the air velocity or flow needed to accurately heat or cool a room. Since the size of your ductwork can increase or lower this measurement, you'll have to find the necessary CFM for each room before you can get the right duct size for each space.

  • Energy Star Rated
    Energy Star Rated

    Energy Star is a government-backed program for identifying products and appliances that meet certain energy efficiency standards. This designation is assigned to products designed to use less energy and reduce recurring costs for consumers.

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