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MF 1851 Freezer 18"

Liebherr MF1851

MF 1851 Freezer 18"

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as of Sep, 20 2020

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Details & Features

MF 1851 Freezer 18"

  • SuperCool and SuperFrost Help You Preserve the Cool Chain
    • Simply quick chill or freeze just-bought groceries to preserve optimum food freshness, while sealing in flavors and maintaining essential vitamins and minerals. Reversion to the normal refrigerator / freezer temperature is time controlled, helping you save energy.
  • BioFresh-Plus: An Idea so Ahead of Its Time, It's Still Fresh Two Decades Later
    • When Liebherr introduced BioFresh technology in 1996, it was hailed as a breakthrough innovation in refrigeration. Today, we're still the leader in food preservation. The premise is simple: by creating different climates within your refrigerator, foods retain their healthy vitamins, aromas and appetizing appearance for significantly longer than in conventional refrigerators. The BioFresh system features drawers with independent climate controls, so you can create a high-humidity HydroSafe environment for fruits and veggies in one drawer, and a low-humidity DrySafe for meats and cheeses in another. Or use the same setting for each, as your storage needs require. And Monolith's third drawer goes one step further with BioFresh-Plus, capable of temperatures as low as 28 ° F, ideal for preserving fresh fish and seafood.
  • FlexSystem & InfinityBeam
    • Every Monolith refrigerator is fitted with FlexSystem, a simple-to-use flexible organization system for sorting and separating items stored in whichever BioFresh bin you prefer. Overhead InfinityBeam lighting shines a brilliant column of light in front of all of your BioFresh drawers, making it easy to see everything inside while closed, and brilliantly illuminating them when opened.
  • PowerCooling: An Idea That's Sending Chills Through the Entire Industry
    • Who says you can't store milk in the door? At Liebherr, everything we do is designed to maximize utility and efficiency. That's why Monolith is a showcase for our high-performance PowerCooling system. In addition to including our exclusive SuperCool and SuperFrost rapid cooldown features, we've reinvented the interior of the Monolith to allow cold air to circulate behind the door. Which means items stored in the door stay just as cold as everything else in the refrigerator. The FreshAir activated charcoal filter system eliminates odors and purifies incoming air, so everything smells as fresh as it looks.
  • SmartDevice: So Smart, It's Actually Thinking About the Future
    • Monolith is built to last for years, so it only made sense to build it for the world ahead. That's why it comes with a SmartDeviceBox that you can control with a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. Activate SuperCool and SuperFrost for rapid cooldown while you're still out shopping for groceries. Receive alerts if the door is left open or if the power goes out.
  • InfinitySwipe
    • While Monolith features the most advanced technology the industry has ever seen, everything about it is designed to be simple and effortless to use. So effortless, in fact, that you barely have to lift a finger to control every function. Monolith's intuitive electronic touch-control panel features a full-color 2.4-inch touch& swipe screen that's bright, clean and wonderfully user-friendly. Like all good design, it's a beautiful testament to the idea that less is, indeed, more.
  • InfinityLight: You'll See the Light (And Everything Else)
    • Whoever said beauty is more than skin deep could easily have been referring to Monolith by Liebherr. Because beyond its sleek, European persona lies a veritable sensory experience beginning with seamlessly integrated LED side lighting. Monolith's controllable InfinityLight casts beautiful and even side lighting that can be fine-tuned according to personal taste, including a soft brightening effect upon opening the doors and a pleasing night dimming feature.
  • InfinitySpring: The Next Best Thing to Having a Crystal Spring in Your Kitchen
    • Two-thirds of the Earth is covered by water, but your refrigerator door shouldn't be. Monolith is fitted with InfinitySpring, a seamlessly integrated, flush-mounted internal water dispenser that's there when you need it, and virtually invisible when you don't. Better still, it's designed to accommodate pitchers of any size. Liebherr's filtration system eliminates harmful contaminates, resulting in crisp, clear, fresh tasting water.
  • IceMaker
    • Monolith's automatic IceMaker produces 3.5 pounds of filtered ice in 24 hours. Activate the SuperFrost function for an even greater production capability. With a 4-pound storage capacity, you'll never be without.
  • SoftSystem: The Strong, Silent Type
    • Monolith's whisper-quiet operation will amaze you, but don't mistake silence for weakness. As a company with engineering at its heart, every touchpoint conveys a sense of quality and strength. Depending on which size Monolith you choose, the door hinges are rated for up to 79 pounds. Chances are, you'll never test their limits, but you and your designer can feel confident knowing the door panels can support any application. The hinges allow for an opening angle of 115 °, and will self-close from an angle of 30 °. And Monolith's integrated SoftSystem technology allows the doors to close effortlessly, with no slamming to disturb the peace during a midnight snack run.
  • Shelf Design Comes out of the Ice Age
    • Let's face it. Many freezer shelf designs appear to be frozen in time. But Monolith's durable freezer door bins reflect the same ingenuity as their refrigerator door siblings. With their unique design, cold air flows more freely, keeping temperature constant and optimizing food preservation. Monolith's see-through freezer door bins are also fully adjustable, easily accommodating small to medium-sized items so that inner freezer shelves are free to accommodate bulkier foods. What's more, the integrated stainless steel inner door panel contributes to even more consistent cooling, while adding a dash of elegance at the same time.
  • Hold Everything
    • Think refrigerator doors are the sole dominion of condiments and soda cans? Hold that thought. Monolith's durable and elegant upper door bins and lower shelves are bringing newfound convenience - and cubic feet - to modern kitchens everywhere. From salad dressing bottles to gallon jugs of tea, juice and milk, Monolith's generous door storage free up your refrigerator's interior shelves for everything from party platters to fresh salad bowls. And because height adjustable shelves in both the interior and the doors provide more storage options inside Monolith, you can get even more out of it.
  • An Open and Shut Case for Frostsafe Freezer Drawers
    • Every year, thousands of tons of food are lost due to freezer burn, temperature fluctuations and other food storage issues. But with Monolith's FrostSafe system, airtight removable freezer drawers protect frozen food from unwanted air exchange and chilled air loss even when the door is opened. FrostSafe drawers are also generously deep and transparent, providing an optimum view of what's stored within. Monolith's automatic IceMaker is a crowd pleaser in itself, producing 3.5 pounds of filtered ice in 24 hours. Activate the SuperFrost function for an even greater production capability. With a 4-pound storage capacity, you'll never be without.

Tech Specs

General product information
Product type Freezer for integrated use with NoFrost
GTIN 9005382246092
Output and consumption
Energy consumption in 24h 1.128 kWh / 24h
Energy consumption per year 412 kWh/a
Climate class SN-T
Noise level 39 dB
Net capacity, total 7.8 cubic feet
Freezer compartment 7.8 cubic feet
Gross capacity, total 10.1 cubic feet
Freezer compartment 10.1 cubic feet
Voltage 115 V ~
Frequency 60 Hz
Connection rating 3.0 A 120 W
Dimensions and weight
Product dimensions (H/W/D) 83 3/4 17 3/4 24 1/16 inch
Measurements: height of recess in inches 84 - 84 1/16 inch
Measurements: width of recess in inches 18 - 18 inch
Measurements: depth of recess (min.) in inches 25 inch
Height / Width / Depth (with packaging) 89 3/8 26 3/16 30 1/8 inch
Weight (without packaging) 302.00 pounds
Weight (with packaging) 335.10 pounds
Control and functions
Type of control 3,5" LCD colour display, touch and swipe
Position of control unit behind the door
Control operation Touch-Electronic
Temperature display Freezer compartment
Malfunction: Warning signal optical and acoustical
FrostControl yes
Door open: Warning signal, freezer compartment audible
SuperFrost quantity-controlled
SmartDeviceBox Prepared
Freezer compartment
Cooling technology NoFrost
Defrosting method automatic
Storage time during interruptions in power supply 14 h
Freezing capacity in 24 hrs 26.5 pounds
No. of drawers in freezer compartment 3
of which mounted on telescopic rails 0
Material adjustable shelves freezer compartment glass
VarioSpace -
Lighting illuminated side wall
No. of cold storage accumulators 0
Ice-cube trays 0
IceMaker Fixed water connection
Ice cube capacity in 24 h 3.5 pounds
Ice cube stock 4.0 pounds
Freezer tray 0
Design and materials
Door material steel
Set-up and installation
door assembly door-on-door
Door hinges left interchangeable
Door opening angle 115°
Vario plinth yes
Height-adjustable feet 4
Ventilation Plinth ventilation
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