With Lifes Little Extras

Some appliances command a room by being big, shiny and covered in dials, buttons and doo-dads. And others impress with superior style, colour and simplicity without having to overpower a space. If you’re looking to add some bling to your home with some small pieces that pop , why not checkout our Home Essentials section. Whether it’s cookware that sparkles, counter-top appliances that make baking a breeze, or vacuums that look as good as they suck, er…vacuum ;) we’ve got you covered.

These days, stand mixers are no longer just mix and food processors no longer just chop. You can make home-made pasta, grind meat, squeeze juice and do many more useful things in the kitchen with just a few appliances. I guess what we’re saying is, your home is your oyster and the right Home Essentials will have you shucking with the best of them.

Add a splash of colour